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This, That, and The Whatevers

This, That, and The Whatevers is a joint project between guitarist and vocalist Sarah Eitel and bassist and producer Sean Zywick. Our latest single, "Earth Mama", is available now, on all major streaming platforms.

We've each spent years playing in other people's bands (this is actually how we met) and we've had the chance to hone our own style through supporting other acts. We love supporting other artists and we also have creative urges ourselves. We're excited to bring forth our blend of experimental rock, sludge metal, and jazz. We will soon be announcing a show in February 2024. Stay tuned!
sarah eitel high res-28.jpeg
Follow us on Instagram! @this.that.and.the.whatevers
A live version of our first single, "Caviar", at The Springwater in Nashville, TN
Excerpts from a live performance in 2022
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