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Welcome to the site! This, That, and The Whatevers, is my joint project with (bassist, producer, boyfriend) Sean Zywick. Listen to Caviar now:





I’m a Michigan native, but moved to Nashville to become immersed in the creativity this wonderful city has to offer. I play lead guitar for various artists around town, including Tanatswa Estina. I also am the lead guitarist/vocalist for This, That and The Whatevers. I'm both an artist and a collaborator. I love helping other artists by lending my guitar skills to their projects and I also love songwriting, singing, and playing my own music. I'm experienced in playing jazz, blues, country, and rock. 

Stay tuned for the next single by This, That, and The Whatevers, called "Earth Mama" which is (seriously) in the works (like. we've already recorded drums, bass, guitar, and some vocals). I'm excited about this Melvins-esque, eco-feminist anthem and I can't wait to share it with the world. 

Follow me on Instagram! @sarah.pearl.eitel 
Follow my band on Instagram! @this.that.and.the.whatevers

Now, here's some guitar playing:
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