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Teaching Rooted in Compassion and Mental Health Sensitivity

I am and will always be a student. I don't teach mastery. Guitar can never be mastered. I want to help bring the voices of the oppressed to the forefront of our culture, and I feel that I can contribute to that goal through teaching. Becoming a musician requires an inordinate amount of vulnerability. I want to create a safe space for people, especially those who identify as women and gender non-conforming, to learn what they need to be the guitarist they want to be. There are many different styles of guitar playing, and each style is worthy of its own study and respect. I teach Blues, Jazz, Country, and Rock guitar. My goal is for my students to leave my lessons inspired and empowered (maybe a little enchanted?). I have openings beginning Monday, May 15th 2023. My lesson rates are determined based on a sliding scale.

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